About Lo

Black and White Portrait of Lauren Little Hello! I’m Lauren. Sometimes called Lo or Lol. And yes.. Little is my real surname.

Born in North London, I moved to Calgary, Canada alone with my mother before I was a teenager. A passion for art and creating has always been a core part of my being and i’m forever grateful to have a creative strong willed mum to nurture my own creative pursuits. Growing up I always stood out from the crowd. Not only was I the only black student in every one of my classes until I graduated university, but I was also usually taller than the rest (so save the jokes I know I’m not actually Little).

My collage work at the time was sourced from printed media in which they featured predominantly white people in their magazines and papers. My work as a result became a product of that environment. By the time I reached 20 something I moved back to Big Smoke where I live now. London has far more diversity now than ever before, and I have more visual references when creating my art. The diversity here helps me celebrate my own ethnicity which I have embraced more in my work moving forward.

I’ve always enjoyed creating something out of nothing, and I’m passionate about finding new ways to live a creative happy life and explore what’s possible. When I’m not making something artful from my home in East London, I’m teaching art to Primary School children, or exploring the town with my man or my family. I love finding new ways to immerse myself in London’s colourful art community, make new friends, and experience new opportunities.

Artoflol.com started as a mere portfolio of my work to get set for University applications. As time passed it underwent a few changes and appearances and has now turned into a place where I can document my explorations in art, thoughts and ideas, along with my many inspirations & aspirations. Fellow creative explorers can join me here as I give transparent and honest accounts of my creative journey and hopefully offer some meaningful advice and helpful tips along the way.

For any enquires regarding my art, my services, or commitments don’t hesitate to get in touch.